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Saturday, March 10, 2012

and the meek shall inherit the earth...revised

       seems the world is turning backwards,the oceans are flowing inland, 
droughts are lasting longer,growing larger only to be followed by floods that wash away anything and anyone left in their path. earthquakes in unusual places. tsunamis, tornado outbreaks, hurricanes all bringing more mass destruction, with death tolls as we ourselves have never seen before,
the climate is changing we must adapt.
       war, genocide, greed, hate, fear and petty bickering bring more destruction and devastation devouring more time, energy, money and lives. all while it could be put to better use saving lives! no one is winning here,everyone is losing! violence begets violence, hate begets hate. has history taught us nothing? with all our planning for the future we forget the past and ignore today...
       but NOW is the time for a meeting of the minds that what we have been doing is not working. before it is too late we must live and let live, learn to work together to make what SEEMS impossible,possible!
         we must lay our weapons down, set aside our differences ...we must pick up our tools and clean up,rebuilding and replenish what has been lost.i'm not talking bigger's better or who has the most wins. ...i'm talking,saving the most lives,while creating the best quality of living for everyone everywhere!! not with the most expensive,not with the most elaborate...but,the most humble...most basic necessities for all first and foremost.
           we must have equality,honesty and acceptance in health care,nutrition, housing, education and medical research for all. we must have acceptance,respect and equality of race, age, gender,disability,religion, sexual orientation, same sex marriage and so much more!!!!! 
ALSO:what good comes from spending money to find more planets, as we self destruct?

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  1. When I say you are a great one, I'm right. Love you <3