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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

something inside sang this to me, ijust wrote it down...

runnin time, runnin time, runnin on sorrow 
runnin time. runnin time. runnin on borrowed time 

with a tortured soul,a shattered heart and a brain that just can't keep up

you all move on without me,     ..... and i say go on go,i'll be the one to stay  
you all leave before me,              .....and i say go on go,i'll take all your pain,


              just has long as you are fine,just as long as you arrive 

              so i stand in line and wait my time and try hard to make the time pass by                                 
             so i stand in line and wait my time as life just passes me by 

             i learned real well to wait for life since about the age of three

            you may see the glass half empty,i see it's still half full
           i carry it more gentle now and take care not to let it fall,
           when yours is running out i will set mine aside to hold you gently as i say                     
           cuz i know someday i'll see you again,i'll see you on the other side
           as i pick up the glass one more time i can see it's evaporating
           yes i admit some times i find it exasperating,then i remember 
           with his love is how i do it 

           someday when they cut me open maybe they will see
           the scars that hide  
           while they have me under their looking glass
            maybe they will read my mind,if they do,
           i pray they take their time to see the truth's inside of me
           then publish them for all to see
           that the daggers words written in my blood were not written by me
           but by many intruders and cowards who ran and pointed the blame at me
           that every time the stones were thrown i took the hand God offered me
           to stand again to face another, to walk with Jesus under cloak of night 
           to a place of rest and healing and yes at times he has carried me
(a short time ago i woke with music in my head, these words followed it out of me. i have made slight changes,as parts were inaudible to me at the time so i set it aside till now. i'm posting it now because even tho it's not spit and polished or pretty. it is a part of me i don't want set aside and forgotten! hopefully someone will understand it's meaning and know them self a bit better)

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  1. Wow Peg!!!! this is awesome <3....Teresa :)