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Wednesday, May 16, 2012 the little man behind the curtain,i have a message for you...

your game is nearly done
you will no longer hold the pawn
for he will be out of your hands
you will have no power here 
your smoke and fire will be mere embers

left for you to walk upon

soon i will purge you and
cast you out forever 
locking the gates behind you
will no longer exist in my realm
for with you
i will purge your threats 
upon my life  
or of never seeing our son again
your nightmares
your heinous words
chanting over and over to me
that i was fat lazy unattractive
worthless useless and pathetic
that i had nothing worthwhile to say
and i was a waste of the air i breathe
and so many many more 
along with their odious echoes

i will purge every piece
of every promise 
you've broken to me
our son
your daughter
and return them to you now
with the full force 
of each of your screams
each of your lies
your physical abuse
your self hatred
projected upon us
gathered into one

may you now feel the pain
which you have inflicted 
upon us all for so many years
may you and only you 
now carry your burdens alone

and may you carry them
till the day you stand 
in judgement before God


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