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Saturday, July 19, 2014

two day test to determine if brain surgery will be happening...

earlier this week i met with a brain surgeon who works with my neuro/moyamoya/stroke intervention specialist. after reviewing my records and then speaking with me, we agreed the best next step for me would be to have a 2 day SPECT brain scan. 

it is my understanding that this machine has the ability to take images faster than other imaging machines, which means more images with smaller gaps between images, this provides better precision and more information. 

another difference of a SPECT TEST is that you receive a low dose radioactive injection. this, along with the closer imaging enables radiology technicians and doctors to trace this radioactive substance as it flows through the brain. making it possible for them to see color contrasts in each area with the largest amount, a lesser amount or no amount of blood flow.

it is also my understanding that while taking into consideration the moyamoya has been stable, yet i am still having symptoms of stroke, this SPECT TEST will determine if they will do surgery to hopefully stop me from continually having strokes. 

this is not a cure for moyamoya, as there is no cure.

the surgery would be an attempt to slowly, safely and deliberately increase blood and oxygen supplies to a specifically chosen area of my brain through the growth of normal healthy blood vessels... after,grafting muscle, bypassing blockage or other surgical procedure.

choice of surgical options will only be discussed if necessary...

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